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Selling a Fixer-Upper House in San Diego


Selling a fixer-upper home in San Diego? Selling a home that needs extensive repairs, renovations, or updates can be challenging. You either have to struggle with the costs and efforts of performing these repairs, or risk selling for pennies on the dollar to a regular home buyer on the MLS.


Even if you were to find someone willing buy your fixer-upper, their offer will reflect their own anxieties about performing the same repairs. Reputable cash home buyers are hard to find. Many will try to present you a ‘low-ball’ offer. In some cases you might as well give it away!


Luckily there is a solution. There are buyers throughout San Diego who specialize in buying and renovating houses. This unique expertise allows them to offer the most cash and best terms to anyone selling a fixer-upper property.


At Acropolis Developments, we buy fixer-uppers with an all-cash offer that we can close in as little as 14 days. Your property won’t risk falling out of escrow, and of course you can save thousands in repairs.


Have you been asking yourself this question?:  “How can I sell my fixer-upper in San Diego?” If so, you can get a cash offer for your house as early as today!

Sell a Property in Any Condition!

Fixer-upper houses are not the only properties we buy from homeowners. We can provide an offer for any property that has conditions or situations that make it harder to sell the traditional way. Some examples of properties we can offer top dollar for include:


  • Damaged houses
  • Homes damaged by flood or fire
  • Inherited and dated properties
  • Dirty rental properties (we can even handle your tenants)
  • Newly-built houses
  • Houses with termite damage
  • Unfinished homes
  • Houses with too much stuff


Whatever type of property you want to sell, we are willing to buy it from you. We offer cash for any of the properties that fall into the above-mentioned categories!

Sell a Property Without Repairs!

If your property in San Diego has structural problems or code violations, you’re in for a lot of headaches. Unless you are able to partner with a home buyer like Acropolis.


Whatever the issue, we will still buy your fixer-upper property as-is for cash. We can still close on your timeline and terms. Whatever the issue, we have a cash offer for you! We will buy your home even if it has any of the following issues:


  • Code violations
  • Title disputes
  • Low equity
  • Near-foreclosure

Reasons For Selling a Fixer Upper House For Cash

The San Diego housing market has seen unprecedented growth over the last 10 years. The emergence of a strong cash buyer ecosystem has made it easier to cash in on your home’s appreciation without all the struggle and pain of renovating it yourself.


This is especially true if it is taking too long and too much work. Here are some of the perks of selling your fixer-upper:

Get Cash For Your House Fast

We offer cash offers for homes. This means you avoid all the potential speed bumps that come from a formal assessment or appraisal.


You can sell my house fast after we conduct a quick property assessment. Following that, you get an offer that you will likely be happy with upfront or within 24 hours!


That cash is yours. There are no commissions, closing costs, or other fees. Minus your remaining mortgage, your cash is yours to pocket and reinvest how you see fit.

Sell Fast and Save Thousand on Repairs

As we have mentioned. Selling a fixer-upper house costs thousands. That is before you even factor in the cost of time. Your cash offer is ‘as-is’ meaning you never need to make a single repair. Your offer closes fast too meaning you avoid holding costs, taxes, and opportunity costs that come with letting your house sit around needing repairs.

Easy and Flexible Terms

If you are moving, it can be extremely stressful to time the sale of your current home with the purchase of your next one. That is why a fast offer with flexible closing terms can be so beneficial.


If you are downsizing or leaving San Diego, your cash offer could very likely pay for your next home over night.


On top of having a fast process and flexible terms, Acropolis can even offer $10,000 upfront before we even close.

Sell Your Fixer Upper to Acropolis Developments!

We 100+ homeowners annually in San Diego sell their homes for excellent value.


Sell us your fixer-upper in San Diego for a cash offer you will be happy about. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the cash buyer team at Acropolis Developments today!

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