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Selling an Inherited House?

sell an inherited house

Selling an inherited house is not necessarily as simple as it may sound. How do you sell an inherited house in the most efficient way?

What happens when you inherit a house?

Beyond the emotional toll associated with inheriting property from a deceased relative, there other issues that comes with inheriting a house. When you inherit a house you are on the hook for the monthly mortgage payments, annual insurance premiums, property taxes, and any other remaining debt on the property. You may also own the property with other relatives that often have differing opinions on what to do with the house. You may also be dealing with selling the house from a different state. Most importantly, you are also on the hook for federal inheritance tax on the property if you do not sell quickly!


If handled incorrectly, selling an inherited house can take a financial and emotional toll on the beneficiaries of the house.

Different options for selling an inherited house.

Many people will understandably reach out to an agent to list their inherited property. What many beneficiaries do not consider is the time and money associated with making the necessary repairs to sell an inherited property the traditional way.

Instead, you can sell your inherited house fast for cash with a reputable cash buyer. Cash buyers solve a few things:

  • Sell fast to avoid inheritance tax
  • They buy as-is so they can save you money on repairs
  • Deals will close in 10 days (the fall through rate for traditional deals was 28.21% in the last three months of 2019.)

NOTE: Many realtors may know buyers who can buy as-is but you essentially are on the hook for their commission where you wouldn’t be working directly with a reputable cash buyer.

Why sell your inherited house for cash?

Inherited houses often require costly repairs but still hold great value simply due to appreciation over time. This combination means that you can still make a great return on your home for no work. The efficiency of selling with cash investors also leaves less room for messy family conflicts and less emotional stress. This means you can cash in and focus on the things that matter most.

Why sell with Acropolis

At Acropolis, we are bigger than most local investors, and more local than other large investors. This means a few things: We are efficient and can work with you under a time crunch better than competitors. We are also more rooted in the local San Diego market which means we can give you the best offer faster for your inherited San Diego house.

The competition for your house is higher than ever and we are equipped with better resources and experience that helps us win business and deliver a better service. If you are trying to sell an inherited house, we would love to connect and learn more about your situation. Its our goal to provide a service that gets the most money in your hands as fast as possible.


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