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Time When You List Your House for Sale

Housing prices are often seasonal, its well-known that some times of the year are more active than others. This is important for a few reasons. It could affect your ability to list at the top range of what you want to list for. You could still list your house during a slow time but it will increase the likelihood your house sits on the market which never helps you at the negotiation table.



Other factors to consider are just overall trends in the market. Knowing the trends in your city, zip code, and type of property will help you know when to list your house for sale. This process can be challenging to execute sufficiently over time if you are juggling other priorities in life. This guide can help highlight a few market trends to monitor if you are thinking about selling your house this year.

Understand What Kind of Repairs to Make

Repairs can be the biggest costs associated with listing your house. As a homeowner, you will likely stress over the delicate balance between repairs that add value and repairs that accrue costs. There is no easy answer to this question since every house is different. Its also hard to know which repairs satisfy market trends vs others. If you decide to make repairs, you will also need to educate yourself on true costs and find a contractor you trust. This is arguably the most difficult decision homeowners deal with when they list their house.


If your house needs extensive repairs or costly repairs, you might be better off selling it as-is. Local cash investors who specialize in making extensive repairs can offer you great value without the risk of overpaying for repairs. You can connect with a home specialist today if you have any questions.

List Your House for the Right Price

This one is pretty simple. List too low and you risk leaving money on the table. List too high and you risk scaring away buyers and accruing more costs as your house sits on the market. If you are curious, you can ask a local expert to perform a free comparative market analysis.


You want to make the most money, but also attract buyers and sell your home quickly. This is why its important to partner with a reputable local expert. You can either partner with an agent or a local investor who can help you choose a price when you list your house.

Listing With a Realtor or Selling Your House for Cash

There are two common options for selling your house. You can list your house with a realtor or selling with a local investor. Realtors can advise you through most aspects of the process and help personalize your selling needs. With that said they will also take 5-6% of the money you make on your house. Depending on the condition of your house or the context under which you are selling, agents might actually sell with an investor and still take their 5-6%.


Local investors are great if your house needs extensive repairs or if you need to sell it under some kind of crunch. Good investors also run a comparative analysis to make you a fair offer. Reputable local investors will also approach purchasing your home with the idea of ‘how much can we pay for this’ rather than ‘how little can we pay for this’.

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