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Make it Easier to Sell Your House in 2021


The San Diego housing market continues to be lively. Prices are changing quicker than ever in 2021. This means speed and simplicity are key for your home sale. Its more important than ever to make it easier to sell your house. Making the wrong repair or picking the wrong buyer could be catastrophic. Falling out of escrow for any reason could wind up costing you thousands in today’s market. Here are some easier ways to sell your home in 2021.

It’s Easier to Sell your house for cash with a local investor

Local investors have about as good a grasp on the market as anyone in your local real estate market. Investors also understand repair needs and costs. They can provide a free overview of repairs within minutes that an inspector would take more time and money to perform. Its easier to sell your house with a cash investor because they can also help you with all the paperwork. They will also handle all closing costs and repairs. There is also a much lower chance of you falling out of escrow which in some cases could save you thousands.


Selling with a cash investor isn’t ideal for every kind of property. If your home is new or in good condition, you likely don’t want or need to partner with a cash investor. If you need to sell in a crunch and/or your house needs a lot of work, its likely easier to sell your house with a cash buyer.

Make some easy cosmetic fixes to sell your house

Cosmetic fixes are a great way to make it easier to sell your house. These fixes are relatively inexpensive especially considering the value they add to perspective buyers. Simple work like new paint inside and outside, new flooring, new landscaping, and updated light fixtures are all great examples.


Not all properties are built the same. If your property winds up having severe issues like a faulty foundation, then if might be easier to sell your house with a local investor.

Make some easy cosmetic fixes to sell your house

Sometimes, staging can be the final touch needed to close that deal on your house. Your current furniture might be fine, but often times its likely not up to the trends of the current market and buyers. Staging might cost you a little but it really makes it easier to sell your home. Some buyers just need to see your house come to life with a modern look and with a layout that highlights things like the openness of your floor plan (for example).

Thinking about selling your house?

If you are thinking about selling your house, you can connect with a local expert and download our free guide to get started. Our team of experts know the market and can happily recommend the best sale strategy for you and you house sale.


Our free guide highlights a few trends to note this year if you are thinking about whether you should sell your house. If you have thought about selling, we recommend downloading the guide to get a better understanding of today’s San Diego housing market.

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Thinking about selling your house?

our team of san diego specialists are eager to connect and help you find the strategy that make you the most money for your property