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Best Places to Retire in Arizona in 2022


Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Ample sunshine, a growing economy, and a lower cost of living are among the many reasons Arizona has become so popular. Arizona is also one of the most popular retirement destinations in America. Before selling their house in 2022, retirees would do well to research the best places to retire in Arizona. Between its thriving cities, and beautiful natural scenery, Arizona has something for everyone.


The official retirement age in the United States is 67 years. Some 40 million Americans will be approaching or entering retirement age in the next 5-10 years. While not all retirees relocate, it is a popular time for many explore relocating to a new scene. In 2020, 400,000 retirees relocated; the highest rate in 5 years. Of those people, 38% moved to a different state while 62% relocated in state.


18.5% of the population of Arizona is over 65 which is the 12th most in the nation. Again, Arizona is a diverse state that offers different things to different people. This makes it hard to rank the best places to retire in Arizona but hopefully our list captures different areas with different retirement appeal.

Ranking the Best Places to Retire in Arizona

Casa Grande

Casa Grande, Arizona sits halfway between Phoenix and Tucson (Arizona’s two largest cities). Casa Grande is a great retirement destination for retirees looking to live close to the city without dealing with the stress and congestion of city life.


20% of Casa Grande’s population is over 65. This means retirees will be able to connect with fellow retirees more easily! Its proximity to Arizona’s major cities means Casa Grande is a popular location for events like care shows, concerts, and festivals!


The median listing price in Casa Grande is $340,000 according to Realtor.com making it a very affordable option for retirees!

Bullhead City

Bullhead City, Arizona sits along the banks of the Colorado offering a waterfront living experience in its purest form. As a result, there are plenty of recreational activities available to residents of Bullhead City. Hiking, kayaking, and boating are among the many things that make Bullhead City appealing to retirees. Ample restaurants and city amenities only add to the unique Bullhead City experience.


Almost 30% of Bullhead City residents (29.4%) are over 65. The median home sale price as of December 2021 is $299,900. If you are looking for an affordable retirement location with recreation and nature, Bullhead City might be the best Arizona retirement destination for you!

Apache Junction

Apache Junction sits on the outskirts of Phoenix. Despite its proximity to Phoenix, Apache Junction features natural beauty that many may romanticize when imagining an ideal Arizona retirement. If you’re ready to spend your retirement hiking sublime mountain trails, wandering through saguaros, and watching some of the most spellbinding sunsets, Apache Junction is for you!


33% of residents in Apache Junction are over 65. The median sale price for homes in Apache Junction as of December 2021 is $372,500.


There is so much to like about Prescott Arizona as a retirement destination. Prescott sits relatively close to some of the most famous natural landmarks in America including the Grand Canyon and Coconino national forest. Its higher elevation also means Prescott has milder summer heat compared to the rest of the state. Among many other attractions, Prescott is also home to the oldest rodeo in the world!


The median home sale price in Prescott as of December 2021 was $640,000. If you can stomach a higher price tag, Prescott offers everything that makes it one of the best places to retire in Arizona.

Selling your house before retiring in Arizona

Many homeowners choose to sell their house before downsizing to retirement in a state like Arizona. While you explore all the best places to retire in Arizona, you should also start exploring your home sale options. Many retirees prefer to sell their house for cash to close fast and avoid the hassle of repairs, negotiations, and fees.


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