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Choosing the best companies who buy houses for cash


If you have owned your house for more than 10 years, you’ve likely been approached by companies who buy houses for cash.

Selling your house for cash can be a great option when selling your house. However, many homeowners struggle to become stressed deciding which cash home buyer to partner with. Who are the best companies that buy houses for cash? What sets them apart? When is it better to sell your house fast or sell your house as-is?  

When are companies that buy houses for cash legit (trustworthy)?

Selling your house for cash has many potential benefits. Working with a cash home buyer near you helps you sell your house as-is by skipping repairs. Because these entities are buying cash, you can also sell fast. So when can you identify trustworthy companies who buy houses for cash?

Local home buyers vs. national home buyers

In 2022, many cash home buyer entities have grown to a national scale. While this growth has helped line the pockets of the growing list of national entities, local companies have several advantages:

Better knowledge of your real estate market

Local companies who by houses for cash understand your local real estate market better. Far too often homeowners may receive a cash offer on their property that was just insulting. Many of these offers come from individuals who do not live in the market they are trying to buy-in. San Diego (for example) has highly changing property values even within one zip code due to zoning and typography.

Meet in Person and establish trust

Working with a local investor means you can meet in person. When you are selling your house in San Diego, meeting in person helps establish trust and understand the best process for selling your house. This way you can either sell your house for cash, or work with a trusted local expert to get a quality referral for any of your real estate needs.

An easier way to sell your house

Local investors can offer you more and ensure less speedbumps when selling your house. When searching ‘who buys houses near me’ it pays to verify if the company you are working with is local.

Investment in community

A huge difference between national and local companies their investment in local communities. As local investors we take great pride when we can restore people’s homes and dignity by helping them through tough situations.


As a local San Diego company, we also value our role in the San Diego community. National companies are more concerned about their bottom lines thus neglecting community impact.

How long have they been buying houses for cash?

It’s important to note how long a company has been buying houses for cash. Selling your house as-is to a local investor is a relatively new practice in real estate. Most companies who buy houses for cash have only been doing so for a few years tops.

Companies that buy houses for cash with a long track record have a few advantages.


  • They are better funded: This means they can offer more, and you will never risk falling out of escrow.
  • They are faster: Many homeowners want to sell their house fast. This can save thousands in closing costs, fees, and more.
  • They are more efficient: The more efficient a company is, the more they can offer for your house.
  • Trustworthy: Real estate companies in San Diego do not last long if they are not trustworthy.

Two Types of Companies Who Buy Houses for Cash: Fix and Flippers vs. Wholesaling Real Estate

Companies who buy houses for cash are often either ‘fix and flip real estate’ or ‘wholesale real estate’ companies. Fix and flip companies are typically better than wholesale real estate companies. There are economic and emotional reasons for this.

What is wholesaling real estate?

Wholesale real estate companies, are essentially middlemen. They will buy your house for cash, wait for the market to appreciate, and re-sell your house for more without making a single repair.

Is it better to sell your house for cash to a ‘home flipper’?

‘Flipping’ real estate companies perform extensive repairs and remodeling that adds tangible value to the properties when the company re-sells your house. As a result, these companies can offer you more cash for your house! This is why selling your house to companies who buy houses for cash can be more lucrative when the company is a ‘fix and flipper’ vs wholesaler.


Often times, you can tell whether a company is a wholesaler or ‘flipper’ on their website.

When Should you Sell Your House for Cash?

Selling your house for cash is not for everybody. In many cases however, it is easier to sell your house as-is to a local cash buyer. You will likely get more for your house for much less stress and work!

Sell your house fast in San Diego

You may want or need to sell your house fast. Whatever the reason, companies that buy houses for cash can close faster than any other home buyers.

Sell your house as-is in San Diego

If your house needs extensive repairs, its easier to sell with companies who buy houses for cash. Our process lets you skip all repairs and inspections. Don’t worry about redesigning, landscaping, or de-cluttering. No need to haggle with contractors. If you just want cash for your house without the stress, sell your house as-is rather than listing to your real estate market.

  • Retiring
  • Moving out of state
  • Moving into assisted living
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Difficult tenants
  • Extensive repairs

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